Top Quality Materials, Reliable Sources

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The quality of materials is as important as the installation technique. Carlos Pavers Inc. in Pinellas Park, FL will give you the best value for your money when you hire us for projects. We procure top quality materials from reliable sources and install as per the manufacturers’ guidelines. Our pavers are backed by manufacturers’ warranty.

Brick Paver Limited Warranty

Refer to the Manufacturer for the warranty on your brick paver product. Warranty is not transferable. Due to the large variety and variances of computer monitors on the market today, we cannot guarantee that the color or range of colors displayed by your monitor or the Boucher will match exactly to the actual color of the product that's being displayed. Electronically reproducing color on the internet is an imprecise proposition. However, we don't expect you pick out a color based on digital pictures. We will bring you exact samples of every color combination so you can hold them in your hands and even place on your property for comparison.

We Use the Following Materials:

Talk to Our Experts

Do not hesitate to call us if you need detailed information about the durability of our materials.